Safer Internet Day Guide

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Read our Rocket Repair guide for our top tips for staying safe on the web and find out what you can do to help protect your devices, information, and family by clicking on the button below.

1. Delete Activity off of Google

Click on this link to find the step-by-step information on how to delete your activity out of your Google Account. ​

2. Facebook Privacy Settings

Click on this link to find out information about Facebook privacy settings.

3. iPhone Privacy Settings

This is a good article showing and explaining the iPhone privacy settings and how to change it. ​

4. Password Manager

I recommend LastPass. Click on the link to create a free account.

5. Identity Theft Protection

Learn more on the FTC’s website.
I also recommend LifeLock for credit monitoring.

6. Credit Freeze

Learn more on the FTC’s website. This link also includes the phone numbers to each company.